Faithless Sex in The City

27 03 2008

Did you ever wonder if girls and boys in Saudi have any sexual relations before or out side their marriage?

The answer is not shocking at all its Yes. The interesting part of answering that question is that Sex before marriage is not excused for girls but when it comes to the guys its actually considered a good experience or an important practice before marriage. Yet the most shocking part of the answer will be that men affairs in Saudi or in the Arab world in general are excused within the men community and many times in the women community as will. Of course on the other side woman infidelity is intolerable but you know that already.

Letโ€™s be clear here, I am not talking about the fact that in Islam, men are allowed to have four wives so please don’t depend on that as a example, a reference or a support for this discussion; basically Lets not even go there.

What I want to discuss here is the part where men infidelity is expected or at least more excused in so many families. As an Arab woman you are probably familiar with the usual answer you will get if you asked anyone –woman or a man– (Why?) They will first say (He is just a man, they all do that.)

You know what, Believe it or not, other men around the world don’t do that people. Men who cheat on their wives “in this side of the world” are the men with no manners and people don’t respect them or trust them after that. So dear Arab men, for your information cheaters are not considered cool and cheating is not a manly act. Also “in this side of the world” Cheaters are actually criticized by their peers for cheating. Of course, not all men will think cheating is immoral and terrible unless they’re good men. To be honest I will have to admit that there are more considerate men here “in this side of the world” than in the Arab world.

I am just sharing a point of view here; I hate that in our Saudi or lets say “in the general Arabic culture” there is a part that accepts immorality. With everything the Arabs cry about in Islam, you would guess that with all these religious restrictions on little stuff like “No pork” which they will not even argue about if you should eat it or not; they will be more of Islam perfectionists, but when it comes to immorality they have so many excuses and reasons to explain why its not as bad. Isn’t that silly! I don’t want to fix the world but I really want people to give a value to their manners and ethics. But I guess this is a whole generation problems and not in the Arab world. Of course it will be more of a problem in the next few years because the new generation every where are becoming less considerate and ethical but if we don’t do anything about it soon our kids will be the worst generation in the whole planet.

Another addition to my opinion is that I don’t expect any of the Arab’s who I am talking about in my post to be able to read or speak English & I don’t also think they will be interested in blogging. The nice majority of Arabs I am talking about are probably with no enough brain cells to handle more information other than how can they hide their “secretive” Prepaid cell number from their wives ๐Ÿ™‚




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27 03 2008
Lalla Mona

The last paragraph made me laugh so hard hehe

27 03 2008

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

11 04 2008


This is really interesting!!! When I lived in Chicago, I made a lot of friends from the Middle East — mostly Lebanon, but also Syria, Egypt and Palestine.

Most of my friends are well educated men with professional jobs (surgeon, doctor, engineer, architect, etc.) and this topic never came up — at least not while they were around. My friend from Czech Republic had been dating a guy from Beirut for a long time (more than three years). They even lived together for two years in Chicago. She told me that she didn’t think he would ever marry her because in his culture, men are sent to the U.S. to have illicit affairs. Then they can go back to the Middle East and marry their virgin bride.

I can’t believe all my male friends from the Middle East are like that. I respect them a lot. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

27 06 2010

Ahahah, nice shot there! Well, I was so shocked you confirmed that yes, they can actually have sex outside marriage, cause until now I can’t figure out how my Ex AraB man actually were able to have sex with his ex arab girlfriend, knowing they are in Saudi. LOL. Anyways, I thought there were only few cases, I didn’t know it’s rampant. ๐Ÿ™‚

I agree they are cheaters, this Arab guy I dated? Well, we spent a week together and without my knowledge? He was still communicating with atleast 10 girls, met 1 and about to meet 1. Not to mention, some dirty txt talks on his phone?

And ei! I like the last paragaraph ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that’s an accurate description!

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