Ya Salaaaaam “Hey Peace!!” :P

28 03 2008

In the Arabic culture you will find allot of phrases were they use “Ya” just before a specific word and its a bit funnier when it’s translated literally to English 🙂

“Ya” is used in the Arabic language as a calling or you could say “a get your attention” sound, so if you want to get the attention of someone either if you know them or you don’t a good example will be if you’re calling their name from a distance ;it will be like “Ya Mohamaaaaaaad!!!” if his name is Mohamed or not it doesn’t matter you still can call anyone in Saudi Mohamed 🙂 I am serious :)…ok stop blah,blah! and lets start the fun 🙂 (I will use Ar->Arabic and En->English)

Ar: Ya Salaaaaaaaaaaaam. = used to express enjoyment.

En: Hey Peace!!

Ar: Ya Halaaaawah. = how pretty

En: Hey Sweet!!

Ar: Ya Rejjaaaaal?? = Do you think I am stupid man?

En: Hey Man!

Ar: Ya Waaaaaad!( and clapping or/and winking)= You look Hot!

Ar: YaWaaaaaad?(with a questioning voice, and raising one eyebrow)= Stop playing games on me Boy,I am smarter than you think?

Eng: Hey Boy!!

Ar: Ya Ammmi, Ya Ammmmi= calm down man,listen and understand!!

Eng: Hey Uncle!! Hey Uncle!! 😛

Ar: Ya Nasssss, Ya Alaaaam= oh people you are so stupid, don’t you get it?

En: Hey People, Hey World !!

Thats for today 🙂




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