I’m back!! and….

31 07 2009

Hi, guys I really missed your comments and support ;sorry for being lazy lately but I have been going through allot including calling off our wedding — FYI my ex fiance was an amazing American guy– and trying to get-over the thought of wither it was the right decision or the wrong one? Hopefully it was right although I lost my best friend for now!

as you can all tell I was raised all my life in Saudi but I was influenced by my spiritual father while growing up. Because of that I am different than the regular Saudi female, and no one thought I will ever be able to settle down with an Arab! so the sweet American husband — currently my disappointed best friend– was what everyone else expected to be the ultimate fit for me. through the breakup it was really hard to feel single again as everyone thought we are going back together and that he was my Only Hope to have a family!! Of-course because no Arabic Man, would want to marry a women who doesn’t want to change and loves being strong to speak her right without buttering her words and act like he’s her hero!! but that is every man not only Arabs, most of strong looking men –in general– like to feel they are saviors or chasers and i am not interested in these two types!! πŸ™‚ but still like to be with a strong-good- looking man πŸ˜‰ who doesn’t need to save me from my womanly demons !!

Yes, I will be blogging about my experience and my thoughts and my search for what they call love πŸ™‚ not from my prospective only!!– i have never been in a happy love–but I’ve been asking couples and elders about what they mean when they say ( I am or I was in Love) and I am concentrating on the happy love not the dramatic falling-in-love type of love..

I think there is a different love that we cannot reach, because we are influenced by all the old sad stories that ends with marriage = happiness??? We became brain washed and are forced to believe that sadness leads to happiness! example: the more your in pain because u miss someone this means you love them more than someone else who it doesn’t hurt as much to miss!!

maybe I am wrong and maybe I am right, maybe I will find the happy love and maybe the only love out there is the dramatic love!!

bare with me and please support me in my search for the happy love!! maybe you can tell me your story and the happiest love that is free of major drama you’ve been or still in?

Have a nice weekend, I’m about to finish mine πŸ™‚




One response

27 06 2010

Nice post, the first blog I have read from you is he “faithless sex in the city” . LOL, I really thought, my dear bloghost is a He. You are a brave woman to write all these stuff…

Good luck in your search for happy love!


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